A Lifetime of Screenings by Age
A Lifetime of
Screenings by Age
A Lifetime
of Screenings
by Age

Life is a highway! Your car’s dashboard provides you with a warning when your tire pressure is low or you need to check your engine, allowing you to take proactive steps. Imagine if you had access to your own health dashboard where an indicator would light up when something was wrong. With the explosion of technology underway, it’s only a matter of time when we will each have access to our own health dashboards, but in the meantime screenings and preventive care have been an effective way of “checking your health status” and keeping you healthy. Preventive health screenings are an important alert system that can provide you with a complete picture of your health, which can help you understand your health risks, take proactive steps and set health goals, and identify any bumps in the road early on. There are different types of screenings we should have as we age, and we’ve created this dashboard to help you keep track of it all. In addition, we’ve included a snapshot of recommended vaccines.

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